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Choosing the right path for your education
begins with a step toward self-discovery.

-Dr. Erin Avery
Author of
"The College Labyrinth:

A Mindful Admissions Approach"


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The College Labyrinth is available now. Click to learn more about Dr. Avery's book.

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Too much time is focused on the characteristics of colleges and not the characteristics of the student.

We start with your student. Begin your journey with us.

Dr. Avery is available worldwide for virtual appointments.

Why Avery?


Dr. Erin Avery has an illustrious educational background, earning her BA from Boston College, two Masters degrees from Oxford and Yale Universities respectively, and her doctorate from Drew University.

She translates her wealth of knowledge on a personal level with every individual student. Her new book illuminates the process and intricacies of the education decisions every applicant must make. Together, with each student and their family, Dr. Avery guides them along a path of self-discovery culminating in the destination where they will find success and personal fulfillment.

What are you looking for?


Knowledge of self—a key component of the college admissions process and our respective life journeys—must originate in the practice of self-centering, which means exploring one’s internal landscape and grounding one’s sensibilities from within–no easy task in this postmodern moment with all of its attendant external pressures, expectations and demands.


The task of sculpting a best-fit list of boarding schools is much more than comparing and contrasting the familiar metrics of size, location and student-teacher ratio. Ultimately, whether a particular school is the best fit for your child must also be based on the intangible qualities and attributes of a school that are not readily captured in metrics alone. 


Dr. Erin Croddick Avery engages her audiences with life-changing narrative stories as she unwinds the epidemic of anxiety faced by students in today’s highly competitive world and shifts the direction to a more peaceful journey grounded in self-discovery.

Unique Areas of Expertise

Avery Educational Resources, LLC offers a choice of college search packages to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. For those seeking a traditional college experience, we offer our Self-Discovery and Best Fit® packages. For students pursuing a specific educational path, we offer specialized packages, such as Creative Colleges, Prestige Aspirations track, Scholar Athlete, Equestrian Excellence, and Catholic/Homeschool programs. For students with special needs, we have developed a Learning Differences Package. Finally, for out-of-country students or students with exceptional circumstances, we offer Bespoke, an all-inclusive, customized, personalized college package.


A Common Application Video Boot Camp by Dr. Erin Avery


The Common App Bootcamp:

A virtual step-by-step guide to get you from start to finish.

Common App BootCamp is a virtual college application course offered by Dr. Erin Avery, Oxford and Yale graduate, and Commissioner of the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners.  Through a combination of videos, live one-on-one sessions and course materials, this program equips applicants and stakeholders with the knowledge and expertise to prepare thorough and captivating college applications.

What Students Say

University of Pennsylvania, Class 2024

"I couldn't have done it without Dr. Avery."

College of William & Mary, Class of 2020

"Dr. Avery took all of my stress away."

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