Too much time is focused
on the characteristics
of colleges and not the
characteristics of the student.

The labyrinth is a powerful tool

of self-discovery that leads to insights as to who you are and where you should go. It is not a maze with dead ends and blind alleys, but a single meandering path that gently guides us to our ultimate destination. Like the path of higher education, a labyrinth is a journey to the center and back where we arrive with a deeper understanding of who we are and we leave with a broadened perspective of what we can accomplish.

Have fun!

We don’t just find the ideal school for each student, we ease the stress that accompanies the college application process, making it a positive, enjoyable experience not only for the student but the parent as well. And, most importantly, we give the student the confidence and peace-of-mind in knowing this is absolutely the right path leading to the ideal destination. In summary, we make the journey fun.


Erin is patient, thoughtful and sincere.

Cornell University Parent, Class of 2014

Erin Avery is an identity guru with teenagers. Her peace and patience is palpable.

Carnegie Mellon Parent, Class of 2013

Erin was the stabilizing force during this whole college search process.

Emory University Parent, Class of 2009 and 2012

I truly can’t thank you enough for helping me reach my goal.

Emory University Student, Class of 2014

I now feel both secure in my future academic performance at university and prepared to immerse myself in the social opportunities.

Stanford University Student, Class of 2016

Unique Areas of Expertise

Avery Educational Resources, LLC offers a choice of college search packages to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. For those seeking a traditional college experience, we offer our Self-Discovery and Best Fit® packages. For students pursuing a specific educational path, we offer specialized packages, such as Creative Colleges, Prestige Aspirations track, Scholar Athlete, Equestrian Excellence, and Catholic/Homeschool programs. For students with special needs, we have developed a Learning Differences Package. Finally, for out-of-country students or students with exceptional circumstances, we offer Bespoke, an all-inclusive, customized, personalized college package.

We look forward to guiding you on your journey.