- Dr. Erin Avery

Author of "The College Labyrinth:   

A Mindful Admissions Approach"

"Choosing the right path for your education begins with a step toward self-discovery."

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Avery Educational Resources, LLC, is an independent educational consulting practice under the direction of Dr. Erin Avery, who is a Commissioner of the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners. We specialize in counseling students and their families throughout the traditional college, boarding school and graduate school search and application process as well as career counseling. 


A fierce proponent of Best-Fit Decisions®, A.E.R. Admissions Clinicians® work comprehensively with their clients, one-on-one,  to establish a list of programs that are the best match for each unique student and accompanies the student throughout their entire application process. A.E.R. uses a balanced approach that is both high touch and high tech. A.E.R's bespoke services have been prized by both domestic and international clientele for nearly 20 years. 

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How can you maintain your sanity when you feel powerless over the final outcome?

The College Labyrinth is available now!
Click below to learn more about Dr. Avery's new book and learn how to Approach the college admission process mindfully. 

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“Working with Erin Avery to navigate the college process was a tremendous experience because she always pushed me to think beyond the surface. I gained confidence in my ideas because of her encouragement and tenacity that never let me give up. With Erin Avery’s help I was able to find a university that suits me and my future.” 

—  Ana K.