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Speaker: Dr. Erin Avery

To be a speaker you must be persuasive.


To be persuasive you must be motivating.


To be motivating you must be knowledgeable.


To be knowledgeable you must have passion.

Dr. Erin Croddick Avery, a highly credentialed educational consultant, engages her audiences with life-changing narrative stories as she unwinds the epidemic of anxiety faced by students in today’s highly competitive world and shifts the direction to a more peaceful journey grounded in self-discovery.

In a very human and lighthearted style, Erin gets students excited and motivated to embark on their journey. She dissipates the stress and shares the blind spots and pitfalls, showing kids how to optimize their experience and outcomes.

Erin speaks on a variety of topics to groups of parents and students, and will customize a presentation based on the needs of a particular audience. Her topics have included:

1. Centering Yourself Amid the College Process
2. The College Labyrinth: Finding your Way with Grace
3. Early Decision or Early Action
4. SAT or ACT and Your Learning Style
5. Listening for Your Life’s Calling

For more information please call Erin.

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