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How do you keep your sanity when you have no control over the final outcome?

Transforming the college admissions process into an adventurous journey of self-discovery.

Overemphasis on college as the only goal of students’ academic outcomes combined with social media’s tendency to constantly looking outward for affirmation and answers is creating a perfect storm of anxiety and stress for college-bound teens.


But what if we could help applicants remain centered, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves during this uncertain transitional time?

What if we could reframe the current college admissions paradigm, transforming it into an adventurous journey filled with opportunities for growth, reflection and self-centering?


Oxford and Yale graduate, Dr. Erin Avery, utilizing the labyrinth as a powerful tool, takes applicants on an inward journey, to encourage parents and college admissions professionals to shift teens’ attentiveness toward their inner compasses, positively affecting their college outcomes and ultimately their life’s purpose.


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About Dr. Erin Avery

Dr. Erin Croddick Avery is a graduate of Boston College (BA), Oxford University (M.St.), Yale University (M.A.R.) and Drew University (D.Min.)


She is a Certified Educational Planner (CEP) as well as a Commissioner of the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners.


In 2003, Dr. Avery founded Avery Educational Resources, LLC, an independent educational consulting practice that specializes in counseling students and their families throughout the college, boarding school, and graduate school search and application process as well as offering career counseling and support for students with learning differences.



Tad Roach

Head of School, St. Andrew’s School, DE 

"Praise for The College Labyrinth 

Erin Avery is an educator and a writer who lives for the soul, or more accurately stands for the defense of the soul of students seeking the  opportunity of college.  We collectively have created and embraced the madness of the 21st century college admissions in America, and along the way we have contorted the art and experience of education, the creativity and passion of our students, and the very notion of adolescence itself. Avery provides a series of steps to relieve the madness and return schools to the most noble expression of their mission."


Nicole Oringer

MA, M.Ed., CollegeWise 

"There are hundreds of guide books that address the ‘magic elixir’ needed to gain admission to a competitive college. On the other end of the spectrum, Dr. Erin Avery’s “College Labyrinth,” encourages the reader to question and explore their own journeys of self-discovery as they assess their higher educational values and needs. Dr. Avery has organized her book with the intention of educating families on the many issues surrounding college admissions in the 21st century. Her call to authenticity and honesty in the process is refreshing and should be a must-read for families who are going through the college search and application process. This book will also give educators valuable insights in guiding their students."

sandy furth.jpg

Sandy Furth

MS, CEP, World Student Support

"While immersed in our technological world, the college application process no longer resembles how previous generations tackled their application journey. Therefore, families and professionals need to take a keen look at this transition in a new light. Dr. Avery’s book will bring us into a new and enlightened journey. While this immense undertaking is still a rite of passage, Dr. Avery brings in three strong elements within the process: self-reflection, self-discovery, and mindfulness in order to maintain comfort with this next phase of life. These three pieces are paramount in maintaining a balance not only in this process, but as lifelong lessons." 

Katelyn Gleason Klapper.jpg

 Katelyn Gleason Klapper

Certified Educational Planner Commission Chair, American Institute of Certified Educational Planners 

"Over the last three decades the college admissions process has moved from a hope-filled educational decision to a journey fraught with anxiety for many high school students and their families. How did we get here? Dr. Avery explores this adolescent developmental dynamic with compassion, deep understanding, and pragmatic and proven advice. She challenges us to realign the paradigm: to explore the reasons behind increased pressure and anxiety, and to become educated around both healthy habits of self-assessment and the realities of college admissions that super-sized media headlines ignore. An important book for families and professionals alike at a critical time in American higher education, Dr. Avery’s approach is a welcome guiding companion."

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