We ease the stress that accompanies the college application process, making it a positive, enjoyable experience not only for the student but the parent as well.

All college packages below include:

Each student has their own goals and aspirations for higher education. The process of determining those schools that best fits their personality and unique skills and interests should not be left to chance. The stakes are simply too high. Our signature consulting package is a proven proprietary approach involving mentoring and co-journeying with students throughout the entirety of the college application process— from creating a college list, to planning and preparing for standardized admissions tests, to creating an activities list, to drafting and editing the all-important personal essay, to making the final decision about which school to attend. 

  • Personality Inventory

  • College Match Inventory/ College readiness

  • Understanding test scores and score reporting

  • Parent meeting to compile initial list and prepare initial plan for campus tour/visit

  • Campus visit debriefs

  • Test plan calendar and preparation discussion

  • Teacher recommendations/ Transcript requests/activity list

  • Working with Naviance guidance

  • Early Decision/Early Action/Regular Admission

  • List sculpting

  • Essay brainstorm, draft and review process

  • Common and individual school applications

  • Complete, proof and submission of applications

  • Making the final decision


Best Fit

Our signature package is a proprietary approach which assists applicants in articulating their own story and finding best-fit colleges that are as unique as each student is. Our philosophy involves mentoring and co-journeying with students toward their desired higher education goals and ultimately to their final destination.


Scholar Athlete

Guiding the student who aspires to be recruited requires understanding the unique nuances of the college athletic recruitment processes and policies. As an accomplished Division I varsity athlete, Erin is uniquely positioned to counsel student athletes in helping them make their athletic aspirations a reality in the college environment.

Catholic/ Homeschooled


If you are looking for a true Catholic college, this package is ideal for you.


While there are many colleges that cannot tell one homeschool curriculum from another, there are a number of “homeschool friendly” colleges


Creative Colleges

Creative students— visual artists, dancers, musicians, singers, and actors —travel a singular college admissions path. The precise timelines involved in portfolio reviews, auditions, and home tests must often be followed to the letter in presenting the artistic student’s case for admission in its most favorable light. Dr. Avery has worked with a wide array of artistic students and can advise them accordingly with regard to the best-fit program for their particular medium of expression and their unique application requirements. 


Learning Differences

Students with learning differences face a unique set of challenges in the college admissions process. Dr. Avery is licensed by the Independent Educational Consultants Association to provide college counseling to those students with diagnosed learning differences. We guide these students and their families through the process, explain the three levels of academic support available, and work diligently to optimize student outcomes. When given the proper support, students with learning differences can and do excel in a college environment. Throughout the counseling process, Dr. Avery teaches the student soft skills essential to college success such as self-advocacy, time management, and goal-setting. 



Competitive equestrian students travel a unique college admissions path. This specialized package includes consideration of a southern winter competitive schedule and arrangements for the student’s competition horse(s), as well as creating the best presentation of students whose academic histories may reflect absences or withdrawals due to competitive travel. 



High achieving students are aware that the subset of so-called elite schools— Ivy League universities, military academies, and top liberal arts colleges —are “safety schools” for no one.The supply of open seats is a small fraction of a talented applicant pool. To be accepted in these schools, students must be able to distinguish themselves from the majority of the applicant pool in substantial and authentic ways throughout the process. This package addresses the requirements for successful admission to prestigious colleges and universities, including additional testing and supplemental essays. For those qualified applicants with extremely high academic aspirations there is little margin for error in the application process. 



Students living abroad are likely unfamiliar with the American education system and its Byzantine application process. We assist with the planning and logistics of travel for campus visits and interviews, and help narrow the list using our in-depth institutional knowledge of international student acceptance data. We work closely with our international families to ensure fit, comfort, and the best outcomes for students. 


Transfer Student

Avery Education advises a small number of college undergraduates who simply discovered that, upon arriving on campus, that the college they initially had chosen, is not the ideal fit. We assist these students in course-correcting, identifying what was missing at their first college and identify which colleges/universities will offer what they desire or require to graduate with the major they would like to pursue.


Gap Year

More common in Europe and Australia, a year between high school and college provides students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop skills and experiences that they can then bring back to the university classroom. Whether through internships, travel, service, language study or all of the above, we can help design the most appropriate program to highlight your most attractive attributes while carving out a year to grow and develop. Parents, this can also be the best insurance policy on your freshman year tuition investment. Let us show you how.


Customized College Packages


This fully customized package is meant for those families seeking the highest level of counseling service, including complete institutional knowledge and detailed travel logistics to optimize visitations. Dr. Avery will curate a personalized experience for the applicant, such as personally guided college tours or travel itineraries for college and boarding school visits throughout the country (including all initial contact and follow-through discussions with key school representatives.)



If you desire to approach the search and application process as a journey, benefit from our proprietary intake and mastery of academic institutions and then take this information and complete the process independently, this college process primer is the value and match for your needs.