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The Common App Bootcamp:
A virtual step-by-step guide to get you from start to finish.

This exclusive package is designed for busy seniors to help structure and polish their online college application.

Stand out amongst the thousands of college applicants by following Dr. Erin Avery, who holds degrees from Boston College, Yale, and Oxford, on a guided tour and receive insider tips to the Common App!


Online Study

VIDeo Course

3 videos, guided by one of our essay experts, lead you step-by-step through the college application process. 

+11 videos cover the most important questions students and parents have about the college application, answered by Dr. Avery.

Book CHats

4 bonus "fireside chat" videos including readings and reflection questions from Dr. Avery's book, 
The College Labrynith.


Receive a copy of Dr. Avery’s new book,
The College Labyrinth: A Mindful Admissions Approach, and learn how to transform the college admissions process into an adventurous journey of self-discovery.

Tools for success

A copy of the essential, College Atlas Road Map which details the locations of over 200 colleges in the US along major highways.

One on one sessions

2 one-on-one advising sessions that can be beneficial for college essay brainstorming, development and editing, held virtually on ZOOM.

*$900 dollar value

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Jennifer T. Mascolo, PsyD, NCSP/ Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Dr. Avery's "Operation Application" video bootcamp contains advice for parents, stakeholders, and student applicants who are completing the Common Application. It starts with a step-by-step walkthrough that begins with teaching students how to set up their account and continues with helping them to navigate all of the elements of the common application.  While there are several resources that teach "tips and tricks" for completing college applications, Dr. Avery's video is unique in that while it certainly offers practical suggestions, it emphasizes the idea that the true value of one's college application lies within its ability to celebrate and appropriately showcase one's individuality. In a world that can be filled with constant competition and comparison, Dr. Avery's video is refreshing as it gives students absolute permission to explore and embrace their own voice in a manner that allows their authenticity to shine through. 

Class of 2024, Cal Tech

Dr. Avery shares so much insider knowledge about the college admissions process in these videos. I highly recommend them to any high school senior applying to selective colleges.

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