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It’s not just about where you want your child to go, but what you want your child to become.

The first question many parents ask usually is,

“Where do you think my child will fit in?”

AER's approach is to redirect the conversation and elicit from the parents what they want their child to become.


The discussion needs to be around choosing an educational environment where your child will be supported in a richly resourced campus that will foster that child’s particular goals. The particular culture and learning philosophies of schools differ. The right one will enable them to be exposed and explore new ideas, to expand their world and thrive. Throughout boarding school, students are surrounded by adults and peers who will leave an indelible imprint on their lives. This precious time will affect their lifelong character and values such as leadership and kindness.

The task of researching and analyzing different boarding schools is much more than comparing and contrasting the familiar metrics such as a school’s size, location and its student-teacher ratio. Ultimately, whether a particular school is the best fit for your child, must also be based on the intangible qualities and attributes of a school that are not readily captured in objective information alone.

Choosing the right boarding school is no small task.


There are few decisions that will have such a significant impact on your child.


A.E.R.'s expertise will help ensure that this critical decision will set the stage and be the catalyst for the trajectory that you want to see for your child!


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