Prestige Aspirations

High-achieving students are aware that any college that accepts less than 15% of applicants such as the Ivy League schools, military academies and top liberal arts colleges, are “safeties” for no one. For this reason, students must differentiate themselves from the sea of sameness in substantial and authentic ways throughout the college search and application process.



Package Includes:
The Best Fit Package Plus

High achieving students are aware that the subset of so-called elite schools— Ivy League universities, military academies, and top liberal arts colleges —are “safety schools” for no one.The supply of open seats is a small fraction of a talented applicant pool. To be accepted in these schools, students must be able to distinguish themselves from the majority of the applicant pool in substantial and authentic ways throughout the process. This package addresses the requirements for successful admission to prestigious colleges and universities, including additional testing and supplemental essays. For those qualified applicants with extremely high academic aspirations there is little margin for error in the application process. 


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