• Avery Education advises a small number of college undergraduates who simply discovered that, upon arriving on campus, that the college they initially had chosen, is not the ideal fit
  • Price available upon request This package has been specifically developed for the discerning client seeking the highest level of personal service for their child. Completely custom packages can include personally guided college tours with Erin Avery, personalized travel itineraries for college or boarding school visits throughout the United States and Canada including all initial contact and follow through with school representatives.
  • Catholic If you are looking for a true Catholic college, this package is ideal for you. Homeschooled While there are many colleges that cannot tell one homeschool curriculum from another, there are a number of “homeschool friendly” colleges
  • Creative Endeavors

    Creative students such as visual artists, dancers, musicians, vocalists, and actors travel a unique college admissions process.
  • More common in Europe and Australia, a year between high school and college provides students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop skills and experiences that they can then bring back to the university classroom.
  • High-achieving students are aware that any college that accepts less than 15% of applicants such as the Ivy League schools, military academies and top liberal arts colleges, are "safeties" for no one. For this reason, students must differentiate themselves from the sea of sameness in substantial and authentic ways throughout the college search and application process.
  • Erin expertly guides students and their parents through the college search and application process for diagnosed learning differences.
  • Equestrian Excellence

    Unique positioning of the competitive equestrian student to colleges is essential in providing the best presentation of this student whose academic history may include absences or withdrawals due to competitive travel.
  • Guiding the student who aspires to be recruited requires understanding the unique nuances of the college athletic recruitment processes and policies. As an accomplished Division I varsity athlete, Erin is uniquely positioned to counsel student athletes in helping them make their athletic aspirations a reality in the college environment.
  • Students living abroad are likely very unfamiliar with the American college/university or school system and application process.
  • Our signature package is a proprietary approach which assist applicants in articulating their own story and finding best-fit colleges that are as unique as each student is. Our philosophy involves mentoring and co-journeying with students toward their desired higher education goals and ultimately to their final destination
  • If you desire to approach the search and application process as a journey, benefit from our proprietary intake and mastery of academic institutions and then take this information and complete the process independently, this college process primer is the value and match for your needs.