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Majoring in Communications 

Skilled communicators are a valuable commodity. After all, communications is the essence of what we do as people and is the core skill of most any job — effectively communicating information. Communications majors learn how to plan and execute events and projects with attention to detail and organization — a vital skill for any professional tasked with representing a company in the best possible way. In business, those with strong writing and oral communication skills are always needed. Communications majors offer students all that, and more.

Communications graduates can find exciting, world-traveling jobs in TV, film production, and journalism. Communications majors are also needed for web design, social media, online publishing, and video production. As technology continues to evolve with new and exciting channels of communication, the need for communication experts for these specialized areas are expected to skyrocket.

The need for communications majors doesn’t end there. Advertising, marketing, and public relations all need communications experts. Human Resource departments rely on communications specialists to assist in recruiting, training, and retaining strong employees. Many communications majors enter graduate programs to obtain even more specialized, marketable skills. You’ll find communications majors in law, business, and public policy and administration schools. Also, you may not agree with everything they say, but campaign managers and virtually anyone involved in politics require exceptional communications skills.

In short, majoring in communications is a great fit for students who thrive on conveying information to others in innovative, creative and exciting ways. Whether you you enjoy being in the limelight and speaking in conferences or on TV, or prefer to work behind-the-scenes in writing persuasive content, communications may be just the ticket for you to achieve your career goals.

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