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Majoring in Animal Science

Animal science is a broad field. Students majoring in animal science study everything you can think of about animals — their biology, physiology, growth, breeding, nutrition, behavior, and management. According to the American Society of Animal Science, there are over 500 different job classifications for animal science graduates.

What can you do as an animal science major? Plenty!

Veterinary medicine is a popular career path, but it’s a long, challenging process. There are only 30 accredited veterinary colleges in the United States, so earning a coveted seat at a veterinary college is a major achievement. Veterinarians do far more than treat dogs and cats. Large animal vets work out of their pick-up truck, traveling to farms to treat horses and livestock. You’ll also find vets working for companies that that make animal foods and pharmaceuticals.

Animal science majors are needed for many government positions. Federal and State departments of Agriculture, Health, Environmental Protection, and Food and Drug Safety all employ animals science graduates. Animal science majors are needed for work in laboratories for all types of animal-related research, and for those who are more hands-on, you can inspect livestock operations, and meat and dairy plants to ensure that these facilities are operating safely and treating their animals humanely.

Positions in education are also plentiful for animal science majors. They work in high schools as science teachers and in college university extension programs, disseminating important information to area farmers and the public.

In the private sector, animal science majors are employed by farms, ranches, and agricultural businesses as managers and technicians. if you want to live out in rural country and away from the hustle-bustle of city life, these jobs may be just the ticket.

As the world loses more species, wildlife conservation is critical. Animal science majors can continue with their studies to become zoologists, wildlife biologists, and conservation officers and be on the front line protecting and supporting endangered wild animals.

If you have a passion for learning about and caring for animals, an animal science major may be ideal for you. More information can be found at the website for the American Society of Animal Science.

  1. Zookeeper (requires advanced degree)

  2. Veterinarian (with advanced degree)

  3. Animal Scientist

  4. Animal Breeding Technician

  5. Animal Caretaker

  6. Research/Laboratory Technician

  7. Veterinary Assistant

  8. Habitat Specialist

  9. Livestock Manager

  10. Kennel Keeper

  11. Livestock Inspector

  12. Wildlife Biologist

  13. Zoologist (requires advanced degree)

  14. Quality Control Manager

  15. Animal Nutritionist

  16. Animal Researcher

  17. Conservation Officer

  18. Public Relations Specialist

  19. Livestock Marketing Specialist

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