The summer between your sophomore and junior year is the ideal time to start preparing for the ACT and SAT. You can front load your preparation and reduce the stress of juggling classes, extracurriculars, and test preparation in the fall. For most students, concentrated, high quality preparation over the summer is the single best strategy for acceptance into your top college choices.

Avery Education offers the best in individual tutoring with a team of master tutors. Every one of our tutors is a seasoned teaching professional with more than two decades of teaching and test preparation experience. They know these exams inside and out, how the test developers think, and the skill sets that must be developed to beat these tests.

Your tutor will conduct streamlined high-impact tutoring sessions with one objective: to improve on those areas that will translate into the highest yield for score improvement. Our experienced tutors will work with you form day one to develop a testing strategy that is best for you and you alone. After you complete your tutoring, you’ll be fully prepared on test day, brimming with confidence and ready to handle whatever they try to throw at you.

Official SSAT Flex Test Site

The Avery Educational Resources office in Fair Haven serves as an SSAT Flex Test Center and provides a quiet, relaxed environment for test-taking. A flex test is the administration of the test on any date other than the national test dates.  Students who normally receive special accommodations in a school setting may be granted accommodations. 

Seminars and Workshops

Operation Application: Developed for rising seniors who wish to complete their college applications and essays before the start of senior year, this seminar condenses the application component of the Best Fit Decisions® process. Offered during the summer months in a friendly, small group environment, the seminar demystifies applications and prepares students before the academic year commences.