Majoring in Molecular Biology

Molecular biology, the study of biology at the molecular level, is a challenging branch of science focuses on the structure and function of the molecules that form the basis of life. Pretty heady stuff! What do molecular biologists do? They explore cells, their characteristics and parts, chemical processes, and how molecules control cellular activity...

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Majoring in Communications 

Skilled communicators are a valuable commodity. After all, communications is the essence of what we do as people and is the core skill of most any job — effectively communicating information. Communications majors learn how to plan and execute events and projects with attention to detail and organization — a vital skill for any...

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Careers: Public Administration

As the aging Baby Boomer generation nears retirement age, a large number of job openings will occur in government and public sector positions. Students interested in careers in public service will find themselves well positioned for these an-ticipated openings in federal, state, and local government, in city management and urban planning, in work with...

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