“Dis-orientation: The College Transition for a Child With a Learning Disability”

This is a very dirty secret. So dirty that I am ashamed to be the one to share it with you. But I feel obligated to begin a shift toward transparency in the higher educational world that your child may be exploring. Here it is: only 28% of American students with LDs will graduate from college, according to the Florida Policy Journal. The question is: will your child be in the 72% that falls short of the finish line? And what will you invest emotionally and financially on that journey?

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How To Make An Educated Decision When Hiring A College Consultant?

At an intimate dinner last week with a number of college presidents and top educational consultants in the field, a college president addressed us all with the previous quotation. But when I began my college and boarding school consulting organization in 2003, many families were unfamiliar with IECs and for years, people introduced me as that “test prep” person.

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