About Dr. Erin Avery

Dr. Erin Avery, founder and IECA Professional Member, has an illustrious educational background, receiving her BA from Boston College, and going on to receive her M.A.R. from Yale Divinity School, and M.St. from Oxford University and a Doctorate from Drew University.

“Dis-orientation: The College Transition for a Child With a Learning Disability”

This is a very dirty secret. So dirty that I am ashamed to be the one to share it with you. But I feel obligated to begin a shift toward transparency in the higher educational world that your child may be exploring. Here it is: only 28% of American students with LDs will graduate from college, according to the Florida Policy Journal. The question is: will your child be in the 72% that falls short of the finish line? And what will you invest emotionally and financially on that journey?

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How To Make An Educated Decision When Hiring A College Consultant?

At an intimate dinner last week with a number of college presidents and top educational consultants in the field, a college president addressed us all with the previous quotation. But when I began my college and boarding school consulting organization in 2003, many families were unfamiliar with IECs and for years, people introduced me as that “test prep” person.

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