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Oops, did you just hit the post button?

Social media can create a permanent record of inappropriate conduct or language that can haunt you going forward. Many adults have lost their jobs over inappropriate postings and stories abound of students and even teachers sharing inappropriate items on social

Your College Applications are In—What Now?

Phew! You never thought you’d finish, but you did it and your college applications are finally in. Now, it’s all up to those all-knowing and all-powerful admissions officers. I hope you are savoring that wonderful feeling of relief that comes

Acing the Interview

It’s common to get a bit nervous before an interview with a college admissions officer or an alumni representative. Students have an unfounded fear that they need to come across as suave, sophisticated, brilliant, and charming, and once the interviewer

How Can I Convince the Admissions Officer to Pick Me?

There are many factors. Certainly strengths in interests that carry beyond the classroom walls are helpful whether it’s in athletics, the arts, or academic accomplishments and recognition in such areas as poetry, journalism, or other outside interests. High school is

Demonstrating Interest

For college admissions officers, fall marks the beginning of their travel season. An admissions officer may visit a high school where, in past years, a number of students have applied and are currently attending. In those cases, you can set

Considering a Community College?

Among students and parents, community colleges often receive a bad rap. It’s unfortunate that so many students dismiss community college as an option for starting their postsecondary education. No doubt, part of the reason that community colleges are dismissed by

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